Here Are 4 Portraits Of Minimal Business Opportunities Competitors

iskandarnote.comHere Are 4 Portraits Of Minimal Business Opportunities Competitors – During the COVID-19 pandemic, the type of business and location determine the success of the business you start; whether the business can grow, just survive or run in place, or in some cases it is time to close even if forced.

Well, if you are one of the business people who are now trying to survive in the midst of a pandemic, try to create a creative business plus minimal competitors.

1.Turn A Hobby Into A Business

There is nothing more satisfying than doing business as a hobby. Everything that is done based on mood and passion will definitely pay off.

Should you turn your hobby into a business? Isn’t it if it’s a hobby, then anything will be done without the need to think about how much money to spend?

Basically, hobbies are divided into two, namely hobbies that cost a lot of money, and hobbies that can make money.

For example, during the season of chirping mania some time ago. Previously, the hobby of keeping birds was considered a drain on money.

However, after many people jump into the hobby, for Birdsong competitions, this hobby actually offers considerable advantages.

Try to look at hobbies that do nothing.

Choose the one that has the most potential to be “viral” making it easier for you to turn it into a productive business.

2.Take Advantage Of Items Around The Neighborhood

The current pandemic season is actually an opportunity for you to be more creative in utilizing items in the neighborhood.

The Work Form Home (WFH) Program launched by the government during the pandemic, inevitably seems to force you to be creative in the midst of limited space. How?

If you are a creative person in processing various kinds of handicrafts, try to observe what types of used goods can be used, ranging from paper, bamboo, wood, used bottles or cans, and so on.

If you are good at processing it, of course this can be a profitable opportunity, given the market demand for various handicrafts today is getting higher, ranging from souvenirs, seserahan, to parcels for special occasions.

3.Creating New Business Opportunities

If you’re thinking about creating a new business opportunity, chances are you already have an idea of what you want to sell, or at least the market you want to enter.

Learn what market entrepreneurs are doing today, so you can make new innovations from existing trends.

If you feel your business can deliver something that other companies don’t, then it’s a new niche business opportunity.

4.Consider Franchising

Another option to create a new business instantly is to take a franchise package from an established company.

The concept, brand and business model already exist; all you need is a strategic location and the means to facilitate the operation of the franchise package.

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